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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Injury Treatment With Lifetime Health & Fitness

The only thing worse than suffering the pain of a sports injury is knowing that you've just benched yourself from your favorite athletic endeavor. If you're raring to get back in the game, you're probably looking for answers as to how you can do that. Here are the answers to some frequently asked sports injury treatment questions at Lifetime Health & Wellness.

man with sports injury

  • What kinds of acute injuries do athletes suffer from? When the body is pushed to extremes, muscles and joints can suddenly fail due to torn ligaments or muscles. In high-impact sports such as football, severe jolts and collisions can cause serious spinal and neurological problems.
  • How does a high-impact injury affect the back or neck? A strong enough blow to the back or neck can dislodge vertebrae, tear major muscle groups, and cause the discs between vertebrae to herniate. In the lower back, this can lead to severe back pain and sciatica; in the cervical spine, it can cause all the symptoms of whiplash, not to mention tingling, pain or numbness in the upper extremities.
  • How do chronic sports injuries develop? Chronic sports injuries usually develop if you subject one part of your body to excessive use. This causes small but significant amounts of tissue damage that may develop into internal scar tissue growth, chronic pain, and inflammation.
  • What are some common repetitive motion injuries in the sporting world? Common repetitive motion injuries in athletes include the elbow pain caused by tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, shoulder pain from lots of overhand arm motions, an chronic neck pain from tilting the upward (as in basketball or baseball).
  • Can a spinal alignment problem make me injury-prone? An untreated spinal misalignment can definitely make you more injury prone, even as it throws off your sports technique. Unnatural stresses and imbalances can lead to joint pain and soft tissue injuries.
  • What can your chiropractor in Broomfield do for my sports injury? Our chiropractor in Broomfield can administer spinal adjustments to ease neck and back pain as well as extremity adjustments for elbow pain or shoulder pain. We also offer spinal decompression to relieve disc issues, cold laser treatment to aid tissue healing, acupuncture to relieve pain without drugs, and the Graston Technique for breaking up internal scar tissue. We can even fit you with Kinesio Taping that supports and relaxes your muscles.

Find Your Solutions in Broomfield and Westminster

We're happy to help athletes at all levels in Broomfield and Westminster recover from their injuries and reduce their chances for future injuries. Find your own sports injury solutions at our clinic -- call (303) 423-4610 for an appointment!