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Ideal Protein for Weight Loss and Improved Nutrition

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Dozens of diets may promise to help you with losing weight, but that loss can also come with a deficiency of calories and vital nutrients. That is not the case with Ideal Protein, a program brought to patients in January of 2013 by chiropractors Dr. Snyder and Dr. Bates. As trained and certified health professionals, our chiropractors rely on all-natural healing methods as well as diets that do not deprive you of anything but unwanted pounds and excess fat.

Ideal Protein Westminster CO

Lose Weight, Eliminate Obesity, and Use the Body’s Natural Power

to Burn off Fat!

Keeping the impressive results in mind, our chiropractors offer Ideal Protein as an effective way for patients to lose weight and curtail obesity. Losing weight comes with a myriad benefits that go beyond fitting into a smaller dress or jeans size. Maintaining a healthy weight can help control and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other detrimental conditions and effects that can arise from being overweight. Carrying too much weight also contributes to back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

Ideal Protein works by using the body’s natural power to burn off fat. Although it could be placed in a category with other protein diets, it maintains proper nutrition throughout the plan, which is not always the case for all protein diets. The program restricts the consumption of sugars that get in the way of losing weight and instead focuses on energy-rich proteins that can help the body burn off existing carbohydrate stores. Because the body can store up to three day’s worth of carbohydrates, sugars are restricted until your goal is achieved. Diets such as Ideal Protein, which includes protein sources that are readily absorbed and packed with essential amino acids, allow your body to burn off carbohydrates and fat while keeping your lean muscle mass intact. In addition to weight loss, dieters typically notice an increase in energy and vibrancy as well as a decrease in cravings and appetite.

A variety of foods are part of the Ideal Protein eating plan, helping to ensure taste is as important as nutrition when it comes to losing weight. The products also include supplements rich in nutrients such as Natura Multi-Vita, Natura Calcium & Magnesium, and Natura Potassium. The program also includes weekly weigh-ins, body fat analysis, and measurements at our clinic to show you how well you are progressing. We want to ensure you are meeting your goals through personalized one-on-one consultations with our chiropractors and Ideal Protein coaches, who will help you and answer any questions or address any concerns. Even if you have unsuccessfully tried other diets in the past, Ideal Protein can work because of its medically-proven protocol and the support of our chiropractors and staff. 

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