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Graston Technique® for Shoulder Injuries 

The Graston Technique® targets soft tissue to reduce scar tissue from injuries and promote healing. Our chiropractors use a stainless steel instrument to help identify "tight" areas that contribute to your pain. The edges of the tools quickly locate painful areas and our chiropractors and you will probably feel the moment the tool identifies a tight area. Our Lifetime Health and Wellness team guides you easily through the Graston Technique® process for shoulder injuries. Our chiropractic clinic is excited to offer this technique to help you recover from shoulder injuries. Whether these injuries are sudden from an automobile or sports injury, or from a chronic condition such as arthritis, the Graston Technique® targets the connective tissue supporting the shoulder and reduce the pressure that contributes to your pain. 

person with shoulder pain

How does the Graston Technique® Repairs Shoulders?

We ask that our patients warm up the shoulder area first. We guide you through warm up exercises that stimulates circulation to your shoulders and warms the muscle tissue. This helps your body be more receptive to the Graston Technique® and the healing process. Our chiropractors select the appropriate tool and rub it over your shoulder and the muscles near your shoulder to determine if you have any scar tissue or tight areas. Our chiropractors should feel a smooth movement as the tool slides over the muscles. If any adhesions or scar tissue are located, our chiropractors feel a change in the smoothness. For shoulder injuries, the scar tissue may be located in the shoulder or in the nearby muscles of your upper arm or upper back. The scar tissue fibers are dense and may not be positioned in the same way as the muscle tissue. This limits your range of motion. The goal of Graston Technique® is to break up this scar tissue to eliminate your pain, promote healing and increase your range of motion. 

Our Chiropractors Can Help!

Your Graston Technique® session may last approximately five to ten minutes. After we identify the tight areas, we move the tool quickly back and forth over the area to eliminate the tightness. Some of our tools are used with one hand and we can pinpoint a specific area. Other tools require both hands as we roll the tool down your muscles to eliminate tension and pain. Our chiropractors may suggest one or more treatments a week to repair your body. As your progress continues, we switch to a maintenance program and reduce the muscle adhesions as needed. The Graston Technique® is effective as you are recovering from an injury or if your shoulder injury is the result of years of poor posture or from holding a phone between your shoulder and your ear.

Some shoulder injuries come from sports play and we offer the  Graston Technique® to promote immediate pain relief and promote healing. The sooner you begin a treatment program for shoulder injuries, the sooner your pain is eliminated. Please call us today at (303) 423-4610 to learn more about the Graston Technique®.