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Spinal Decompression in Broomfield, CO for Pain Relief

Broomfield spinal decompression

Has chronic back pain or shoulder pain compromised your quality of life? Our chiropractic center offers spinal decompression in Broomfield, a revolutionary treatment for treating personal injury, back, neck, and sciatica pain. These treatments naturally complement chiropractic care, delivering enhanced pain relief while reducing the risk for future injury. Our approach to treatment maximizes pain relief benefits while strengthening the core, nourishing the spinal discs, and stabilizing the musculoskeletal system.

Broomfield Spinal Decompression Therapy Treats Personal Injury Pain

The first phase of our Broomfield spinal decompression treatment provides immediate pain relief. Patients are positioned comfortably on a table with a wrap-around harness; the harness holds patients in place during treatment. The table’s position and angle are carefully controlled through precise, computerized movements. This allows for gentle decompression of the spine. Treatment sessions range from 10 to 18 minutes, depending on your wellness needs. Most patients experience pain relief after just a few treatment sessions, although our chiropractor may recommend five to eight sessions for maximum benefit.

Many patients find the gentle stretching movements to be very relaxing. The gentle stretching and decompression creates spaces between the spine’s vertebrae and supports “imbibition,” the process by which a spinal disc receives nutrition. Discs that lack nutrients and hydration are at increased risk for injury. Most importantly, the gentle decompression action relieves pressure on nearby nerves.

The second phase of spinal decompression treatment focuses on structure and core stabilization for enhanced functional integrity. The majority of our patients experience back pain because of two compounding problems: poor muscle control and decreased spine flexibility. As part of our treatment process, we utilize biofeedback and other rehabilitation treatments to restore proper spinal control and strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Practicing stabilization and endurance exercises help relieve back pain and decrease the risk for future injury.

Our final stage of decompression therapy builds support for the musculoskeletal system through at-home and in-office corrective care exercises. These exercises include resistance training, aerobic conditioning and strength building. Our goal with these exercises is to support the benefits achieved during the first part of spinal decompression and continue providing long-term pain relief for our patients.

Our Broomfield, CO chiropractor has had substantial success using decompression therapy to treat patients for chronic pain, failed back surgery and other spinal problems. These treatments are successful because they not only relieve chronic pain, but also help stabilize the spine and core to prevent future injury.

If you are new to our Broomfield spinal decompression services, we invite you to learn more about this revolutionary treatment by watching our informative video below. Our chiropractor is happy to answer any questions that you may how this treatment works and whether you are a good candidate for spinal decompression therapy.

Don’t let a personal injury, back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain hold you back – contact our  chiropractic center and start healing today!