Ankle Sports Injuries

There's no such thing as a convenient sports injury, but ankle injuries sustained in athletic activities can be among the most inconvenient of them all. Sprains, strains, chronic inflammation, and other problems can make sports participation impossible while also limiting other aspects of your everyday life. In most cases, however, surgery isn't required to restore a damaged ankle to functionality. Here at Lifetime Health and Wellness, our chiropractors can administer a variety of non-invasive techniques to help you recuperate.

ankle sports injury

How Athletic Demands Challenge the Ankle Joint

Your ankles have a tough job, namely, supporting almost your entire body weight while keeping the body balanced, at rest and in motion. Several bones are connected by ligaments in the ankle joint, while tendons attached to muscles make motion in various directions possible. The demands of running, jumping, and making quick turns often lead to injuries in these tissues. Common sports injuries to the ankle area include:

  • Sprains - A sprain is a stretched or ruptured ligament. The classic "turned ankle" occurs when the foot lands in an inward-pointed or outward-pointed direction, hyperextending the ligaments. Sprains can vary greatly in severity, from mild stretches to complete tears.
  • Strains - A stretched or torn tendon or muscle strain can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the ankle. Strains may be acute incidents, or they may develop gradually in the form of chronic tendinitis or muscle inflammation.
  • Fractures - A strong impact to the ankle can cause one or more of the bones to fracture. 
  • Achilles tendon injuries - If your Achilles tendon is ruptured, you may experience pain, swelling, and difficulty standing on your toes.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Soft Tissue Treatment

Unless you have a fracture or an especially severe soft tissue rupture, you can most likely enjoy a complete recovery from your sports injury without the aid of surgery. We will prescribe heat, ice, and other therapies to bring down the pain and swelling in an acute ankle injury before moving on to other treatments. If your ankle is under chronic strain due to a musculoskeletal imbalance, we may recommend chiropractic adjustment to bring your body back into line. Extremity adjustments to the ankle can correct any small but painful imbalances within the joint itself.  We can also perform cold laser therapy, massage therapy, and kinesio taping for comfort, stability, and accelerated healing.

Hobbled by an Ankle Injury? Call Our Office for Help

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