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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment with our Broomfield Chiropractor

Woman with low back pain in Broomfield

Suffering from lower back pain in Broomfield, CO is debilitating and scary. You hope it will go away, but you are also worried about what is causing your back pain. Here at Lifetime Health and Wellness, we want to provide you with all-natural pain relief using chiropractic methods. Learn more about what to expect with lower back pain treatment at our office.

What is the Cause of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is primarily caused by either herniated discs, muscle tears or inflammation along the spinal column. If you have pulled a back muscle, this leads to swelling that can also lead to pressure along the nerves of the spine. If you have a bulging, cracked, or herniated disc in your lower spine, this is also a cause of inflammation along the nerves. This inflammation causes undue pressure on nerve endings, which creates radiating pain.

How can a Chiropractic Adjustment Treat Lower Back Pain?

When you have lower back pain, the goal is to realign the spine and reduce inflammation. A chiropractic adjustment provides this solution. By readjusting your musculoskeletal system, our chiropractor can reduce pressure on nerves and tissue. This immediately begins to resolve inflammation and leads to natural pain relief.

What can I Expect When Visiting My Chiropractor at Lifetime Health and Wellness?

The first step when visiting a chiropractor for treatment for lower back pain is to consult with our doctor. We will ask you about how the lower back pain occurred and your associated health history. At that point, we may perform a chiropractic adjustment or spinal decompression depending on your lower back pain. Through regular adjustments, you can continue to treat your back pain and help prevent future incidents of pain.

Contact Our Broomfield, CO Chiropractor Today

Ready to get started with all-natural, surgery-free lower back pain relief in Broomfield, CO? Contact our office here at Lifetime Health and Wellness at 303-423-4610 to schedule an appointment. We have three chiropractic doctors ready to assist you with your lower back pain whether you have chronic pain or a back injury.


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