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Neck Pain Treatment in Broomfield in Westminster

Neck Pain and Chiropractic Care in Broomfield and Westminster

There are many reasons why you might experience neck pain. Your chiropractic team in Broomfield and Westminster is here to help you understand why you are in pain and how we can help. Once you start working with a chiropractor, it will not take long to understand what is happening and what sort of treatment will relieve your pain and help you start the healing process. Drs. Snyder, Gilmer, and Prystupa regularly work with patients who have issues with the cervical spine, or the neck.

Whether you were recently in a car accident and suffered whiplash, you struggle with poor posture, or your neck pain is simply occurring as a part of the aging process, we can help. 

neck pain broomfield westminster

What Type of Pain Treatment Can You Find in Broomfield and Westminster? 

During your first visit for neck pain, we like to sit down with you and discuss the possible reasons for your neck pain. We ask you the following questions: 

  • Do you know of a specific incident that might have led to your neck pain? 
  • When did you start to feel the pain?
  • Do you feel related pain in other parts of your body? 
  • Have you tried any remedies that worked or did not work at all? 

We will then take an X-ray and give you an examination to determine the source of your pain. 

Most often, we recommend a course of neck adjustments, or cervical manipulations, over the following several weeks. This gentle treatment works so well because it addresses an underlying spinal misalignment and helps put everything back in place and help restore your range of motion. Turning your head from side-to-side will soon stop causing you pain. We may also recommend gentle massage sessions, physiotherapy, and lifestyle adjustment appointments for a holistic approach to healing. 

We hope you will contact us soon so we can help you begin your path toward recovery. 

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