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Whiplash Treatment

Treatments For Whiplash At Lifetime Health And Wellness, Serving Broomfield And Westminster CO


If you have whiplash from a car accident, personal injury or sports injury, you know that the symptoms can range from mild to severe. Here at Lifetime Health and Wellness, serving Broomfield and Westminster CO, we offer conservative care for neck injuries, which means our chiropractor, will not advocate for the use of powerful prescription medications or invasive procedures.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash typically causes neck stiffness and pain in the neck, upper back, shoulders and arms. It can be a localized pain or a pain that radiates into the extremities and down the neck into the back. You may also experience severe headaches, blurry vision and difficulty sleeping. If you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with our chiropractor to see if chiropractic care would reduce your symptoms and heal your neck injury.

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Treatment for chiropractic care always starts with a thorough evaluation of your head, neck, shoulders and back to determine the severity of your whiplash and if you have any other soft tissue injuries that could be contributing to your pain.

If you have misaligned vertebrae, your treatment program may start with spinal adjustments, which are short, swift thrusts to your spinal joints in order to maximize their movement by ensuring they are in their proper locations.

Massage Therapy for Neck Sprains and Strains

Severe neck sprains and strains often respond well to massage therapy. This is because the kneading, pressing and rubbing of the skin, muscles and other soft tissues helps relieve tightness and improves blood flow. Massage therapy also helps improve the effectiveness and longevity of spinal adjustments.

Spinal Decompression from our Chiropractor

If your whiplash injury resulted in a herniated disk in your neck, upper or lower back, spinal decompression can help heal the disc herniation. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine in order to increase the spaces between the vertebrae. When the discs have more room, they are better able to retract, refill with fluid and heal. The treatment can also be used to relieve the pressure from pinched nerves.

Cold Laser Therapy in Broomfield and Westminster for Whiplash Pain

Cold laser therapy can be used alone or with our other treatments. It works by stimulating your soft tissues on a cellular level and helping to relieve inflammation, which lowers overall pain while decreasing your recovery time. The low-level laser light penetrates deep into your soft tissues where it is converted into energy by your cells. This helps them regenerate faster.

To schedule an appointment for your whiplash injury, call us today!


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