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Dry Needling

Benefits of Dry Needling with our Westminster and Broomfield Chiropractor

If you have tight, sore spots in your muscles, dry needling with our Westminster and Broomfield chiropractor may benefit you. Dry needling is often referred to as Intramuscular Stimulation because it stimulates the muscles into twitching or spasming and aids in releasing the muscle fibers. 

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Reducing Muscle Pain with Intramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular Stimulation is beneficial for reducing muscle pain and stiffness, and it does not interfere with any other medical treatments or medications you may be taking. The procedure uses thin needles to stimulate and break apart knotted muscle tissue. The stimulation occurs when the needle is inserted. In tight muscles, the insertion of the needle causes a quick spasm, which may be uncomfortable but is part of the healing process.

Dry Needling in Broomfield and Westminster with our Chiropractor

When you come into our chiropractic office for dry needling in Broomfield, our chiropractor will perform a physical examination that looks for tense spots in your muscles. Once they are located, a thin needle will be inserted into the tight spot. The needle should cause the muscle to briefly twitch, which starts the process of relaxing the muscle knot.

After the initial insertion, the needle may be used to further loosen the tough bands of muscle tissue if there was no twitch or the twitch was very minor. This step often involves moving the needle in and out between the muscle fibers. Once the treatment is complete, the area may be slightly sore, and you may notice some bruising. These minor side-effects should resolve themselves within 48 hours. After the bruising and soreness resolves, you should notice an improvement in your pain levels.

To schedule an appointment for Intramuscular Stimulation for pain relief, call chiropractic office at 303-423-4610.

What health improvements have you noticed after receiving Intramuscular Stimulation at our chiropractic office?


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