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Concussion Treatment in Westminster & Broomfield

Concussion Treatment in Westminster & Broomfield

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head or other action that shakes the brain inside the skull. While often there is no visible sign of a concussion, some people lose consciousness or experience focusing problems, vomiting, dizziness, neck pain, back pain or headaches afterwards.

Chiropractic Care for Post-Concussion Treatment

woman with neck painSome people don’t recover quickly from a concussion on their own and develop post-concussion syndrome with a broad range of continual presenting symptoms. A chiropractor can help with post-concussion syndrome. After a physical examination and X-rays, it may be seen that there is evidence of subluxation in the cervical or lumbar spine. With spinal adjustments, a chiropractor may implement adjustment techniques, such as the diversified or sacro-occipital technique, to properly align the spinal discs into proper position to eliminate neck or back pain. It was reported by Collins and Misukanis that a 30-year old woman was helped by chiropractic adjustments after being in a car accident and suffered a concussion, which resulted in vertigo, headaches and mid-thoracic back pain. After nine visits with a chiropractor over a period of 18 days, there was a complete resolution of her symptoms.

A chiropractor is highly knowledgeable about the central nervous system of the human body, including its function and components. A chiropractor is also highly trained at identifying and treating concussion injuries. NHL star hockey player Sidney Crosby is a great example of how chiropractic care can help athletes with concussion. Crosby incurred a concussion and experienced chronic headaches, sensitivity to light and dizziness and had to end his hockey season. After a series of corrective adjustment by his chiropractor, he was able to return to the ice.

Lifetime Health and Wellness: Your Westminster and Broomfield Chiropractor

At Lifetime Health and Wellness, our Westfield and Broomfield chiropractors treat post-concussion syndrome from sports injuries, car accident injuries and slip and falls. Our chiropractors implement a variety of techniques to treat post-concussion syndrome, including the Activator technique, Diversified technique and the CATS Cranial technique.

Impact to the head can cause subluxations in the sutures that join the bones of skull. With cranial adjustment, small balloons are inserted into the nasal passages to apply a very gentle pressure to the skull’s bones. It’s a painless treatment, although patients may hear a popping sound as the sutures are adjusted. Traditional chiropractic adjustments can restore function and mobility to the cervical and lumbar spine due to a concussion.

If you’re suffering from post-concussion syndrome, give us a call at Lifetime Health and Wellness to schedule an appointment. We can help you with the recovery process and will customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.


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