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Five Common Personal Injuries

Five Most Common Personal Injuries
Treated by Our Westminster Chiropractors

Personal injury treatments are one of the main reasons people visit Lifetime Health and Wellness, and there are five particular injuries that we treat regularly. Our personal injury treatments can include a number of different treatment methods, from spinal alignments to acupuncture, depending on the exact type of injury incurred and the damage done. The goal of our three Westminster chiropractors is to alleviate your pain, expedite your healing, and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic Care Aids Recovery from Personal Injuries

1. Carpal tunnel has increasingly led patients to our chiropractic clinic as people continue to engage in repetitive computer-related activities. The condition is caused by chronic pressure on the large nerve located above the wrist and can result in tingling, weakness, pain, and a burning Westminster chiropractors treat carpal tunnel patientssensation. The more severe cases can involve loss of strength in the affected hand.

2. Sciatica is another common injury, one caused by the compressed sciatic nerve in the lower back. This painful compression can be caused by a herniated disc, a tightened muscle above the nerve or even from sitting on a back-pocket wallet. Pain can shoot down the nerve into the lower back, buttocks and thigh areas.

3. Sprains and strains are also on the list of most common personal injuries, and they can have a variety of causes that range from an awkward twist to improper lifting. They can result in shoulder pain, back pain, and pain in other affected areas.

4. A sudden jolt to the neck often result in whiplash, a very common injury. Although the condition is often associated with auto injuries, it can occur from any sudden jolt that strains the neck muscles and ligaments leads to neck pain.

5. Subluxations are another common injury we see, one that is often due to chronic poor posture. These out-of-place vertebrae are common in the neck area, since the neck bones have the hefty task of constantly holding up the head.

Have you suffered a personal injury? How did you recover?


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