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Back Pain Treatment with Your Broomfield Chiropractor

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You may not go through everyday life giving much thought to your back -- until it reminds you of its presence in the form of pain. Up to one-half of all Americans report suffering from back pain each year, making this issue one of the leading factors in doctor's visits and missed workdays. If you can't afford to give up your mobility and quality of life to the miseries of back pain, you'll be happy to learn that Lifetime Health and Wellness provides natural, non-invasive back pain treatment for residents of Broomfield and Westminster CO.

Where's That Back Pain Coming From?

Back pain may be either chronic or acute in nature. Acute back pain is often associated with injuries or other sudden onsets of damage to the spinal vertebrae, vertebral joints, discs, nerve roots or muscles. An auto accident, for instance, can push your spine out of its optimal alignment, tearing soft tissues and causing severe stiffness while also making you prone to herniated discs. If a herniated disc compresses a major nerve root, you could suffer not only back pain but also tingling, numbness and other symptoms.

But the majority of back pain stems from everyday wear and tear. Repetitive twisting or bending motion at your job or in your favorite sport, for instance, may cause chronic inflammation and upper or lower back pain. Lower back pain is also common in pregnancy when the body gains abdominal weight and alters its posture. Just getting older can put you at risk for degenerative conditions that cause back pain. These may include bulging discs, facet joint arthritis, spinal stenosis (which compresses the spinal cord), and spondylolisthesis (shifts in vertebral position). A sedentary lifestyle that promotes obesity and allows the back muscles to weaken can also leave you with chronic back pain.

Natural Solutions From Your Chiropractor in Broomfield

Crippling back pain often evokes troubling images of having to undergo major surgery -- but most of the time, this isn't necessary. Many back pain conditions can and should be treated primarily through conservative care, which is exactly what our three-chiropractor team provides at Lifetime Health and Wellness. Your chiropractor in Broomfield will start with a detailed study of your spinal alignment, medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle to discover, not only exactly where your back pain is coming from, but exactly what brought the problem on.

This focus on the underlying of your symptoms allows us to treat them at the source through a combination of therapies. We offer a variety of chiropractic techniques to bring your spinal components back into their correct positions. Spinal decompression can do the same for injured or ailing discs. Acupuncture, massage, and cold laser therapy and massage can relieve back pain and inflammation.

Take the First Step Toward Back Pain Relief

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