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Frequently Asked Questions About Back Pain Relief

woman suffering from chronic back pain

When back pain strikes, you may find that you have all kinds of questions about your symptoms -- with the most important question being how to achieve safe, effective back pain relief. Here are the answers to some frequently asked back pain questions at Lifetime Health and Wellness.

Which areas of the back can be afflicted by pain? Any part of the back can be stricken with pain. The thoracic vertebrae, discs, and nerve roots lie in the area we refer to as the upper and middle back, while the lower back includes the lumbar and sacral spinal structures. Upper, middle, and lower back muscles are also prone to damage or strain.

What are some causes of acute back pain? Acute pain back often occurs in high-impact accidents such as sports injuries or auto accident injuries. The vertebral joints may be dislodged, causing painful stiffness, while herniated discs pinch sensitive nerve tissue to cause both lower back pain and leg pain (sciatica). A heavy lifting injury or violent twisting of the spine may also cause painful muscle tears.

What causes chronic back pain? Chronic back pain may be the end result of overuse injuries or repetitive motions that strain major muscle groups. It may also be related to degenerative changes in the discs or vertebral joints which alter your musculoskeletal alignment and/or compress nerve roots.

What can chiropractic adjustments do for back pain? Chiropractic adjustments can shift errant spinal components back into their proper position. These adjustments normalize joint motion while also improving your spinal alignment to relieve chronic strain and nerve impingement.

How does spinal decompression relieve back pain? Our chiropractors use spinal decompression to create additional space between your vertebrae via careful application of flexion distraction force. The resulting vacuum pressure pulls herniated or bulging discs away from nerve roots. It can also help reduce the vertebral joint stress often caused by bulging discs.

What role can soft tissue therapies play in lower back pain treatment? Cold laser therapy and massage therapy can enhance your lower back pain treatment by relieving pain and inflammation, boosting circulation to injured soft tissues, and helping you heal from acute or chronic injuries. Kinesio taping can also enhance circulation and ease back pain while lending additional support to muscles groups that need it.

If you need more answers -- and treatment -- from a skilled experienced chiropractor, you owe it to yourself to visit Lifetime Health and Wellness. Call our clinic at 303.423.4610 today!


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