Lower Back Pain Treatment

Woman with low back pain in Broomfield

Lower back pain accounts for one of the most common reasons that individuals miss work. Traditional treatments often result in little or no relief.

Many people turn to chiropractic care to relieve their back pain. Lifetime Health And Wellness offers comprehensive, non-invasive lower back pain treatment. 

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Causes of lower back pain include injury, pregnancy, arthritis, spinal stenosis and bulging discs. The American Chiropractic Association points to sports injuries, accidents and simple movements such as bending over as possible causes of low back pain. Other causes include poor posture, obesity, and psychological stress.

Degenerative spine conditions such as arthritis, bulging or herniated discs often affect older individuals. Some people experience lower back pain associated with regular duties performed at work.

Typical Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Acute low back pain often occurs after accident or injury. Symptoms potentially include aching, stiffness or pain upon moving.

A person involved in a motor vehicle accident, sports injury or work accident usually recovers after their back heals and after treatment such as chiropractic care offered by our Lifetime Health and Wellness professionals.

Chronic low back pain typically occurs due to a debilitating medical condition or serious injury. Symptoms include severe lower back pain, limited mobility, including difficulty standing or walking and other possible symptoms. 

The American Chiropractic Association cites depression as the “Most common emotion associated with chronic pain,” indicating that experiencing chronic pain commonly results in sleep disturbances, inability to perform responsibilities at work or home and other symptoms.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

Diagnosing lower back pain requires a comprehensive assessment by a professional qualified to evaluate and diagnose causes of lower back pain. A person typically undergoes a physical examination and diagnostic procedures. The patient reveals medical history and history of the pain.

Never assume your back pain will go away without proper diagnosis. Receiving a proper diagnosis, care and treatment is crucial for relieving your low back pain.  

Our doctors offer a variety of evaluation and treatment techniques. Even if you did not obtain relief from traditional treatments, chiropractic care potentially offers an opportunity for you to experience relief from your back pain. 

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Multiple studies report on the success of chiropractic treatments for lower back pain, including massage and spinal manipulation. Our chiropractor uses additional treatments such as cold laser therapy, acupuncture and a combination of therapies to help reduce or eliminate your low back pain.

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