Concussion Treatment

How a Chiropractor Can Help You Deal With Concussions

Professional chiropractic services have proven to be useful in many ways; among these include treating concussions. Whether your concussion was caused by a sports activity, car accident, or a physical workplace accident, addressing and seeking treatment early is the best way to deal with it.

Concussion Skull

Some of the symptoms of a concussion include sleep challenges, headaches, memory loss, anxiety, depression, and other cognitive problems. If these signs and symptoms are not dealt with, they can quickly cause problems in your daily social, professional, and family life. If you live around Broomfield or the Westminster area, contact the Lifetime Health & Wellness chiropractors who will help you start your road to recovery.

The Symptoms of a Concussion

Depending on how the accident happened, the symptoms of a concussion can be subtle and may not be identified immediately. Aside from the typical headaches, dizziness, confusion, and amnesia, a person may go up to months without knowing they have a concussion. Here are the most common signs and symptoms:

  • Headache accompanied by a ringing in the ears
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sensitivity to noise and bright lights
  • Taste and smell disorders
  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • Blurry vision or feeling as in you are in a fog
  • Dizziness or seeing stars
  • Amnesia after the traumatic event
  • Temporary loss of consciousness 
  • Slurred speech and a dazed appearance
  • Repeatedly asking the same question 
  • Delayed response to the most straightforward and most oblivious questions

How Chiropractors Deal With Concussions

A chiropractor offers non-invasive treatment that contributes to whole-body wellness. This means that we focus on both the injured area and its relationship to the whole body. Recovering from an internal injury is never straightforward, and will require a great deal of time and care. Our chiropractor will check your symptoms, make some regular adjustments, and provide various chiropractic care to vital parts of your body that are related to the concussions.

In most cases, the impact that caused the concussion can affect the cervical spine, which causes headaches and other unwanted symptoms. Our chiropractor will realign the cervical spine and put a stop to your headaches and neck pains. Concussions profoundly affect almost all senses and functions of the head; your chiropractor is likely to recommend that you rest and avoid various strenuous activity until you have fully recovered. This ensures that your treatment takes effect undisrupted.

When to See a Chiropractor

While concussions are not always easy to identify, visiting a chiropractor after possibly receiving a concussion is an excellent idea. Professional chiropractors can quickly run tests and identify the problem and its relationship to your whole body. If you live near the Broomfield or Westminster area, call us today at (303) 423-4610 or pay us a visit at Lifetime Health & Wellness.


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