Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy at Lifetime Health and Wellness

You may already know that laser technology has given civilization a number of important benefits, from precision surgery to state-of-the-art satellite communications. But did you know that laser energy may also be good for what ails you? A specific type of treatment called cold laser therapy can help your body repair itself more efficiently while also relieving pain and other discomforts. We're excited to offer this form of therapy here at Lifetime Health and Wellness.

cold laser therapy treatment from our chiropractor in broomfield

The Healing Power of Amplified Light

Focused, amplified light can have multiple applications, depending on the frequency of the beam it creates. For instance, a surgical laser emits sufficient power to cut and seal tissues in the operating room. By contrast, a low-level or "cold" laser emits a less powerful beam -- one that moves right through the skin without harming it all. Cold lasers are designed to direct their energy a few centimeters beneath the skin, on underlying tissues suffering from inflammation or injury.

How does this kind of laser treat such problems? The energy kicks off a phenomenon called photobiomodulation. The mitochondria inside your cells produce more of a substance called ATP. Cells then use this extra ATP as fuel to repair and replace themselves, accelerating the healing process in tissues. The laser also triggers an increase in blood flow in these tissues, which helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.

How We use Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy makes a powerful complement to our other safe, non-surgical methods such as acupuncture, massage therapy, dry needle therapy and chiropractic care. We may prescribe this form of care to help you with such diverse conditions as arthritis, tendinitis, acute injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, back pain, neck pain, neuropathy, headaches, and sciatica.

A cold laser therapy session may only take a few minutes, with relief typically appearing within minutes or hours of the treatment. You will feel no pain during the session -- only a slight warmth or tingling sensation. While you might need several sessions to enjoy the greatest benefits from cold laser therapy, its non-pharmaceutical nature means that you never have to worry about it interacting with other medications, unlike standard painkillers.

Is Cold Laser Therapy Right for You?

Cold laser therapy is extremely safe and boasts a wide range of uses, but not everyone is a perfect candidate for this form of treatment. If you're wondering whether it makes sense for your particular condition, the best way to find out is by scheduling an evaluation at Lifetime Health and Wellness.

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