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Our team of caring chiropractors strive to offer the latest new technologies and services that exist in chiropractic medicine. It is our goal to provide non-invasive, drug free therapies and why our chiropractors offer Cold Laser Therapy. From both acute and chronic pain as well as whole body healing, Cold Laser Therapy is an ideal complement to your regular chiropractic care with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Laser Therapy

1. Will it be painful?

Cold Laser Therapy is a painless procedure. You may feel a warm sensation or slight tingling because nerves are being stimulated, but this will subside shortly after your treatment is finished.

2. Does the laser inject any medication into me?

No. Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free and sterile therapy.

3. What is Cold Laser Therapy generally used for?

This type of therapy treats a wide variety of pain including neurological conditions, pain syndromes such as sprains and strains, acute and chronic injuries, and speeds up wound healing and fractures.

4. Are there whole body benefits in addition to reducing pain?

Yes, whole body inflammation is reduced overall with this therapy. When we complement Cold Laser Therapy with your regular chiropractic care, it can help increase the rate, strength and quality of healing tissue. This therapy also helps regulate the immune system and stimulates nerve tissues to function optimally. In terms of healing, it has been shown to generate new, healthy cells within soft tissue to promote wound healing with less scarring.

5. Is this therapy FDA approved?

Cold Laser Therapy has been used successfully for the past 25 years and is FDA approved. We use the same high quality lasers that the US Olympic team uses for their athletes.

6. How often will I need to receive treatment?

Because every person heals at their own rate, this will be determined after a thorough history and discussion with your chiropractor. A typical treatment session can last anywhere from four to ten minutes and 6-20 sessions is the average range for most conditions.

7. Will it take long to experience results?

Most people experience results within their first visit or two. Results are almost immediately evident, but some people may need 3-8 sessions to feel improvement. If you are experiencing a degenerative condition, our chiropractors may suggest scheduling an appointment from time to time for follow-up visits for you to continue experiencing healing.

8. What are some of the health concerns that Cold Laser Therapy can treat?

Many specific conditions, both acute and whole body respond to cold laser. These may include, but are not limited to, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, headache, migraine, carpal tunnel, sinus concerns, deep bruising, tendon and ligament issues, and sciatica.

If you have any questions about whether a new or chronic health concern may respond to Cold Laser Therapy, please feel welcome to call us today to answer questions!


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