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Cranial damage can cause a wide range of symptoms, from headaches and blurred vision to learning disabilities in children. Damage can happen during childbirth, an injury incurred during childhood, or because of a concussion anytime in life. Our chiropractic team at Lifetime Health and Wellness can increase your health and wellbeing with cranial adjustments. Here are some of the most common questions we get on the subject.

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Isn't the Skull One Bone?

Actually, the skull is made up of thirteen separated bones that fit together like a puzzle. They are not fused together, but the spaces between are filled with connective tissue and blood vessels to hold them all in place. The amount of movement between bones is usually tiny, but if misaligned these bones can actually cause the face to move out of shape.

Are Cranial Adjustments Painful?

Just the opposite. Many patients report that this therapy is very relaxing. You may feel light-headed or tired, but there should be no pain involved.

How Does Misalignment Affect Thinking?

These alignments can interfere with the cerebral spinal fluid moving naturally around the brain. This can compromise the natural function of the brain. Some of the more common symptoms can be cognitive or learning difficulties, a feeling of emotional upheaval, and difficulty in managing anger or other emotions. Children especially can be affected by having a difficult time with school work.

Who Can Benefit From Cranial Adjustments?

Anyone who has suffered from any type of head trauma, including:

  • Those who suffered head trauma at birth due to forceps, vacuum extractors, or suction

  • People who have had trauma to the head due to childhood accidents 

  • Any and all athletes who suffer blows to the head

  • Anyone suffering from post concussion syndrome

Is This Safe for Children?

Cranial adjustment and chiropractic care is very safe for children. In fact, successful adjustments can improve their quality of life to a great extent. Children with cranial misalignment can suffer from speech and math problems, reading troubles, or even seizures and pain. Cranial adjustment can improve this, giving your child a better life.

If you have any more questions about cranial adjustments, call our office at 303.423.4610 today!


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