Rapid Release Technology FAQ's

Our Lifetime Health and Wellness chiropractors use Rapid Release Technology to help you overcome chronic pain without the use of medication. The Rapid Release Technology (RRT) treatment brings relief from pain that is the result of muscle tightness and scar tissue including sports injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back pain, adhesions, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, trapped nerves, knee conditions, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, and overuse injuries.

How does Rapid Release Technology work?

RRT uses vibrational waves to help break up scar tissue. Scar tissue does not have blood vessels, making it incredibly difficult to heal. Vibrational waves are able to enter the scar tissue and help to break up these tense areas. This reduces your discomfort and improves your range of motion. RRT places a small, hand-held tool on the area of discomfort. Our chiropractors move the tool around the painful area to break up the scar tissue. The tool can be used on the skin, or over your clothes since the vibrations are powerful and specific.

Is Rapid Release Technology painful?

No. You will not experience any discomfort from your RRT treatment. It is safe, painless and effective. Plus, it is a non-medicinal way to provide relief from long-lasting pain. It is a non-invasive technique designed to provide instant pain relief.

Can Rapid Release Technology help with muscle cramps?

It can! Rapid Release Technology helps to relax tight muscles and opposing muscle groups that are fighting with each other. If two muscle groups are pulling against each other, you experience pain in that area and reduced range of motion in the joint. RRT eliminates this tension and reduces your soft tissue pain.

How long is the process?

Your RRT treatments vary depending on your condition. However, most sessions are less than five minutes. The results are immediate. You will leave Lifetime Health and Wellness with a reduction in pain and an increase in your flexibility.

Is it cost-effective?

RRT is very cost effective. Compared with surgery that is often recommended to treat scar tissue and soft tissue dysfunctions, RRT is a non-invasive, convenient, and affordable treatment that provides results that last. In contrast, surgery may result in other conditions that continue to be addressed. Our chiropractic care programs will meet your budget and time constraints.

Are there any side effects from Rapid Release Technology?

You will not experience any side effects from RRT treatments, other than a reduction in your pain and an increase in mobility. This can help you return to your physical activities faster feeling more energized.

How long do the results last?

The powerful effects from this gentle treatment last. Personal results vary depending upon your condition, but the long-lasting results are quickly noticed. If your symptoms return, we repeat the RRT process until your pain is relieved.

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